Sørum farm at Stange,
in the county of Hedmark, Norway

late August 1950

The crop formation was discovered by a woman (who wants to reamain anonymous), at
harvest time in late August 1950. The reporter was only six years old at the time, but the
event made a great impression on her and is still clear in her memory.

She was in the field with her father and a farm hand. Only a few years after the war, it was
still difficult to obtain agricultural machines. They had borrowed a combined harvester
and was testing it when they found the formation which consited of three circles of flattened
Two of the circles were about 1,5 metres in diamter. She can say this with certitude
because she remembers that lying on her back in the small circles and streched her arms out,
she could just touch the standing stalks at the periphery. There was one more circle, about
three times larger than the small ones. She recalls thinking that the circles were placed in a
pattern resembling "a man's head and his two feet".

She also remembers that her father was not surprised by the discovery. He explained that they
were "field circles" or "field rings" and referred to them as a phenomenon that he was familiar

The woman reports that the circles were perfectly round, that the downed stalks were neatly
arranged and lying in beautiful swirls around a centre in each of the circles.

Reported the 17th of Desember 2008 to Eva-Marie Brekkestø

Norwegian Crop circle Group