Krom farm, Vestby, county of Akershus, Norway
crop: barley


Discovered at 7 am on august 9 by Agnethe Di Carrera from the window of her house overlooking the field.
Later in the morning, she reported it in a local community Facebook group.
Having read about the crop circle in the group, Robin Dahl photographed the formation when he flew over the area
the same afternoon.

Francisco Quevedo visited the formation august 10. The same day he shared his findings and photos on
the Norwegian Facebook group KORNSIRKLER:

That this must be a prank. The stalks are broken in the formation:

Photo: Francisco Quevedo

Below is a photo of the centre of the largest circle. It's maybe not so easy to see in the photo, but it was obvious to me
that somenone had been standing in this centre. I did not find a pole hole. But the soil under the flattened stalks in the
centre had been trampled flat:

Photo: Francisco Quevedo

Also there was a path leading from the forest next to the field out to the little "island" of weeds which the outer ring
partly traverses.

Norsk Kornsirkelgruppe