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Backe in Ängermanland, Sweden

Late August 2006

Discovered in late August 2006 and reported to the Norwegian Crop circle Group in November 2006.

Rune Sjödin in the circle of flattened Rosebay plants at Bäcka Torp
Photo: Bjarne Engholm,
Tidningen Ängermanland (local newspaper)

Upon receiving a report about a mysterious circle found in rosebay from a local Swedish newspaper (Tidningen Ängermanland), Eva-Marie Brekkestø of the Norwegian Crop Circle Group contacted Olga Sjödin who had discovered the circle on the 2nd of December 2006.

Sjödin provided the following information: 

”In late August 2006 my husband and I were visiting our holiday home, on a  small farm named Bäcka Torp, close to the village of Backe in Ängermanland, central Sweden.

In a meadow that is presently over-grown with weeds, there is an area of rosebay. In the middle of this rosebay patch, I discovered an oval area of flattened plants. The rosebay plants were all laid down in the same direction, from one end of the oval to the other. The total length of the flattened oval was about five metres, and all around the flattened area was a band, about two metres wide, of standing rosebay plants.


Photo: Bjarne Engholm, Tidningen Ängermanland (local newspaper)

The rosebay, just in the process of loosing its flowers, mostly had the white down-like seeds, but a few flowers were still left at the top of the plants.

There were no signs that anyone had walked into or deliberately trampled the area of standing rosebay around the circle. The flattened plants showed no sign of damage, and the delicate down-like seeds were still hanging on the stalks of all the plants. Nor could any traces of animals or humans be found inside the flattened area.”

Se the newspaper article here.

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