News 2008

A wonderful new Crop Circle Research centre
opens its doors 

The new Silent Circle crop circle centre was opened Sunday 27th April in an annex
next to the White Horse Inn, in the beautiful village of Compton Bassett, Wiltshire.
It was well attended by many crop circle researchers and enthusiasts including
Francine Blake and Stuart Dike and many more. The sunny day meant many people
could sit in the wonderful beer garden, which is directly outside the centre.
Children and adults played the French game of Boules which is set up in the garden. 

The centre has a wide range of information facilities and a large stock of pertinent books,
DVDs magazines, photography, fine crafts, crystals, gifts and a lot more besides. 

There are computers operating for anyone to use and a Wi-Fi facility. 

There are also maps on the walls of the area, with  stickers to show people the location
of this seasons crop circles. 

There are already many speaking events to be held at the centre this summer. At least
eight speakers are already booked. There will also be field trips and night watching
organized by Charles Mallet. 

All in all this should mean that the Silent Circle will be the social hub for most of the
visitors to the Wiltshire crop circles this summer.

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