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Rock with crop circle pattern found in Roswell, USA

I 2004, while deer hunting in the outskirts of Roswell, the 50 year old businessman Robert Ridge
unearthed a partially exposed rock in the sand.

Robert Ridge

The strange rock, measuring less than two inches across and weighing about 40 grams, turned out
to have unsual magnetic properties. It was also
was deepley scored with
a pattern that apperars to
show moon phases, a solar eclipse and the depiction of a supernova.

The Roswell rock

In July 2007, Ridge showed the rock UFO investigators Chuck Zukowski and Debbie Ziegelmeyer,
who presented the rock to a number of experts.

When the local newspaper Roswell Daily Record printed an article about the rock in July 2008, it was
informed that the pattern on the rock exactly matches that of an Enlish crop circle in 1996.

Crop Circle near Liddington Castle 2nd of August 1996.
Photo: Lucy Pringle. See more of Pringle's photographs here.


Read the full story in the two articles from Roswell Daily Record:

Roswell Daily Record 7th of July 2008.
Roswell Daily Record 13th of July 2008.


Source: Roswell Daily Record 2008.

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