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Two witnesses photographed orange ball of light
and experienced strange black object
Milk Hill White Horse, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire
24th of July 2009

On Friday the 24th of July, Dee Barker and her friend Kenny spent the evening in this
crop formation below Milk Hill:

Photo: Eva-Marie Brekkestø

They were sitting in the arc on the far left, in the largest circle on the arc, when they had some
very unusual experiences.

The following morning Dee Barker related the experience to crop circle reseacher Shawn Randall
when they met at The Silent Circle crop circle inforamtion centre. Barker later sent the following
report and photographs to Randall:

"My friend Kenny and I decided to go and sit in a crop circle at night. It was a first for the both
of us as I'd only seen my first crop circle 3 weeks earlier. We were sat facing east, looking in the
direction of East Field. At about 9.45 (between dusk and night fall), we saw what looked like a
moving star that appeared from the horizon over East Field area. The object moved very, very
slowly as it hovered to the right, over to the South Field with the swallow formation. We had my
camera (SLR digital Canon camera with a normal 18-55mm lense) on a tripod the whole time,
and took several photos of the object.
On closer inspection, the moving star looked like an orange


Photos: Dee Barker

"We could see the orange oval ball of light with the naked eye, hovering over the field. Taking a
closer look at the photos afterwards, we wonder what the electric blue small thing is, that is
visible in all the pictures."

Photos: Dee Barker

"We were rather excited about what we had witnessed, and discussed it, not with loud vioces, but
with an excited wisper
, when, all of a sudden, at 10 0'clock (to my left), there was this thing that
appeared faster than anything I've ever seen. It came from the wheat about 7 -10 metres in front
of me. It all happened very fast. All at the same time that the thing shot out from the wheat, I got a
blast of heat (like an oven door being opened) from the thing, about half a second after it appeared.
And as it shot past me and my friend, it made the most crazy thrashing noise as it moved from left
to right, darting extremely fast over or through the wheat.

I have never been so petrified in my life. I only presume that the noise was the wheat being moved
about. I was so scared that I nearly panicked and half stood up, as I was nearly crying when I told
my friend that I didn't like it and that I was really scared.

The thing then stopped ten metres to the right of us, in 2 o'clock direction. There was no movment or
sounds at all for about 10-20 seconds. I said to my friend in a panicky whispering voice: "I don't like
this. I think we should get the hell out of here." But my friend just told me that it was ok and that I should
not be scared. The thing then shot back really fast, doing the same thing that it had before, and finally
disappeared in the same place that it had come from.
The object was about a half a meter taller than the wheat, and black. Not quite solid and not quite mist,
more like a shadow-solid, black, fog type thing. It was oval in shape, like a rather large person hunched
over in the wheat. It was about 1,5 metres in length, maybe 2 metres.

Both I and my friend Kenny where shocked. I stood up straight away and said: "That's it! I'm out of here".
We both started walking rather fast down the tractor tracks out of the field. About half way down, Kenny
said: "Something just brushed my leg". I also felt another blast of heat on the back of my legs, on my
calf muscles.

I found it all an absolutley terryifying experience, and I will never again want to enter a
crop formation at night. Without company, I would not even enter one during day time!

On Sunday morning, Kenny and I went back to investigate the area where we had been sat on Friday
night. We saw that the wheat, where I saw the black thing, was completely undisturbed, and concluded
that this ruled out that the object could have been an animal"

The above account is presented with permission from Dee Barker

During her conversation with Shawn Randall, Barker expressed that she is curious to know whether there
have been other reports matching the orange ball sof light. She was reassured that many similar observations
have been made by visitors to crop circle hot spots over the years.
She also asked if someone might have any suggestion as to what the black object in the wheat could be,
and if it matched any previous stories.

In her relation to Randall, she described the shape of the dark object as "similar to a PC mouse".
In 2005,
the same term was used by Mike Booth to describe the three objects he observed moving
among the seed
heads in a wheat field near Lockeridge.
Mike Booth did not photograph the objects, but made the below drawings to illustrate his observation:

Illustrations: Mike Booth

Read the Mike Both story here. Scroll down to the bottom news story.


31st of August 2009:

Ole Jonny Brænne in UFO-Norway has made the Nowegian Crop Circle Group aware of the following::

The observation of the orange ball of light might well be explained as an observation of the planet
Jupiter. The observed object followed the same course across the sky that Jupiter did that evening.
It also moved with a speed corresponding to Jupiter's. Also the fact that the object was
perceived as orange, makes it likely that it was Jupiter the observers saw and photographed.

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