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Crop Circle appeared after meditation

Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire
31st of July 2009

Late Thursday evening the 30th of July 2009, Radek Kopij, his son Tymek and his Irish friend J.J. decided
to spend the night on Hackpen Hill. They carried out a meditation asking for a crop circle to happen.

Below is Radek's own account of the events:

"My name is Radek Kopij. I am Polish, but have lived in Dublin for the past five years. I came to England for
one week to visit my son Tymek and travel around with my friend JJ. Before I came to London, JJ had told me
about crop circles phenomenon, but to be honest I didn’t give much credit to his story. Things changed soon
after. We visited a few crop circle places and I realised that this is something out of this world.

On Thursday the 30th of July, the three of us sat on the Hackpen Hill and meditated for 2 hours. Mentally we
send to those beings all the best wishes and loving emotions. I also sent Reiki healing energy and we chanted
names of God. We visualised that they answered our call and gave us some sign of their existence. We fell
asleep at 2:30 am.

Next morning I woke up and, as usually, I doubted that anything had taken place. I was thinking that it would
have been so nice if the crop circle was somewhere around, but next moment I was thinking not to hope so
much, protecting myself from being disappointed. To stop this confusion I climbed on the top of JJ’s van. What
I saw shocked me. Right below Hackpen Hill, in the crop field was a newly made circle. A beautiful and simple
pattern of the “Celtic Cross”:

Radek in front of the new crop circle, early in the morning.

Tymek and JJ in front of the new crop circle.
Photos: © Radek Kopij

"I, Tymek and JJ ran down the hill next to the White Horse and into the centre of the new formation. Suddenly
our happiness and excitement were ruined by local farmer destroying the whole thing. His tractor run over the
fresh pattern which was nearly gone after few minutes. Gladly we had managed to take some pictures of the
crop circle before it got damaged."


Photos: © Radek Kopij

"I have now come to believe that these patterns in the crops are made by some other civilization, which origin
can be difficult to explain. Anyone with common sense who enters a crop circle for the first time, can clearly
understand that this is something not made by humans."

Luckily, the formation was also phtographed from the air before it was destroyed:

Photo: Olivier Morel

At 8.30 am the farmer entered the field with hisharvester and started cutting the formation:

Photos: Eva-Marie Brekkestø

By 9 am the formation had completely destroyed the formation.

© 2009 The Norwegian Crop Circle Group

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