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Three destroyed circles reborn
Wiltshire, England
the summer 2009

A new aspect of the crop circle phenomenon took place in the 2009 seson:
Two crop circles, that had been destroyed by the Avebury Manor farmer,
This farmer has destroyed many mange crop formations over the years, and
this summer he vandalized no less than three formations that appeared on
his land.

The first formation at Avebury Manor:

On the 1st of June, a little crop circle appeared close to The Stone Avenue,
aprx. one km east of Avebury. Sadly, the farmer partly cut the formation
the same morning before anyone had photographed it from the air. After
the farmer's vandalism, it looked like this:

Photo: Monique Scholten

Already the next day, however, the formation had grown and been partly
repaired. The sections still left standing in the centre, had been flattened,
and the formation had been given a new periphery and a tale:

Photo: Monique Scholten

The next day the formation had got further extentions. The central part
was encompassed by a new circle

and two more tails had been added:

Photo: Russell Stannard

The farmer's response was the obliteration of the formation by cutting out
the entire section of the field.

On the 1st of July, a new formation was reported on the land of the same
on the very top of Waden Hill. This hill is situated between Silbury
Hill and the Stone Avenue:

Photos: Eva-Marie Brekkestø

Several researchers observed that the new formation looked similar to what
the formation from the 17th of June might have looked like before it was cut.

One week later, it turned out that a Norwegian woman, Kristi Halvorsen, had
been walking on Waden Hill in the morning of the 17th of June, and that she
had photographed the formation at the Stone Avenue before it was destroyed:

By stretching her photograph, we can ascertain that the circle at the Stone
Avenuehad indeed rematerialized on Waden Hill!
The farmer left the Waden Hill circle alone, probably because he simply wasn't
aware that it was there. The top of Waden Hill is the only part of his land that
can only be seen from the air!

Photos: Kristi Halvorsen

The second formation at Avebury Manor:

On the 20th of June, this crop circle was discovered on the side of Waden Hill
that slopes down towards the southern end of the Avebury Stone Circle. This
formation was only photographed from the ground. It was cut by the faarmer
the same morning that it arrived:

Photo: Steve Amor

The third formation at Avebury Manor:

Early in the morning on the 31st ofJuly, a new formation was reported at
Waden Hill, next to the destroyed formation from 20th of July.

When the writer flew over Waden Hill at 08.45am, the farmer had already
destroyed this third formation on his land:

Photo: Eva-Marie Brekkestø
To the left: the remains of the formation from 20th of June.
To the right: the remains of the formation from 31st of July.

Fortunately, it turned out that pepole had visitied it on the ground and
photographed the formation before the farmer had the chance to take it out:

Foto: Andrew Pyrka

By combining several of these photos, it was possible to get an impresion of
what the pattern must have looked like before it was destroyed:

Reconstruction made by Randell, on the basis of Andrew Pyrka's photos.

Appearently, the circle making forces held this formation too important to be
lost for ever. But on this occasion they choose another location for the circle to
On the 9th of August, the exact same pattern formed at West Overton. In this
"rematerialized" version of the formation, the floor lay was very complex:

Foto: John Montgomery

More information about the special lay in this crop circle here.


The destroyed crop circle at Winterbourne Bassett

In the morning of the 28th of July I was informed that a new crop circle had been observed
at Winterbourne Bassett. Unfortunately, when I arrived on site, the formation had already
been cut by the farmer. All that was left was a grapeshot circle at the boundary of the field.
The little grapshot had an elegant lay that made me wonder if the destroyed formation might
have been just as beautiful on the ground:

Photos: Eva-Marie Brekkestø

Three days later another formation was reported at Winterbourne Bassett. I flew over the
area shortly afterwards and found the new formation right next to the destroyed one from
three days earlier:

Photo: Eva-Marie Brekkestø

Later that summer it turned out that, on the morning of the 28th, the formation had been
photographed BEFORE the farmer cut it. By streching this photo, it was possible to
reconstruct the pattern:

The destroyed pattern is reborn in another location

The 10th of August a new formation was reported on Woodborough Hill. The pattern turned
out to be almost identical to the destroyed pattern at Winterbourne Bassett. -Although more
elaborate and with a very complex floor lay:

Photo: Lucy Pringle

Report by Eva-Marie Brekkestø

© 2009 Norwegian Crop Circle Group

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