(This book also exits in Norwegian and Danish.)

In dept book about crop circles:

"Crop circles, history, research and theories" is a 220 pp, full colour, thorough overview of the crop circle phenomenon. It presents the history of the phenomenon, the research and the various theories, the geometrical aspect and more than 50 eyewitness accounts of crop circles forming, dating as far back as the 1930s. The book is the result of the author’s studies of the crop circle in the fields of southern England since 1999.

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Chosen CROP CIRCLE BOOK FOR 2011 by the Crop Circle Connector

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"Crop circles, history, research and theories" is a translated and updated version of the Norwegian book "Kornsirkler, underverk i åkeren" published by Vega Forlag, Oslo in 2010:

It is also available in a Danish version: